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Agricultural Division

The division consists of Ramnnoa Organic Industries and Compost Sde Eliyahu.

The companies operates efficient and advanced production facilities.

We supply our products to agriculturists all over Israel and exports around the world.

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Compost Sde Eliyahu

Compost Sde Eliyahu provides the highest quality compost in Israel.
From the meticulous production process to the supply to the farmer, we do not compromise at any stage of the preparation or control process and provide full warranty.

Among the company's leading products are organic compost based on beef manure, treated chicken manure, a combination of different types of compost and compost for nurseries.

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Ramnoa Organic Industries

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Shaham Fertilizers

SHAHAM FERTILIZERS is a brand of organic and oregano mineral fertilizer pellets, manufactured in Israel since 1965 and marketed worldwide.

Shaham Pellets can be used for all types of crops. 

The Pellets are made from compost of cattle and/or processed poultry manure in various proportions, and allow for optimal growth of the crop, high yield and excellent quality. The pellets can be enriched with chemical fertilizers such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and microelements.

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Treated chicken manure for nourishment

In addition, the division specializes in the production and marketing of treated poultry manure for animal feed. The treated poultry manure is an available, inexpensive nutrient and has a high protein content for feeding the growth branches.

The production processes meet the most stringent standards with computerized control of all stages of the process. The facility is closely monitored by the Ministry of Agriculture - Division of Veterinary Services.

Unique products for organic biological agriculture

Organicum for fertilizing organic crops

Chicken manure undergoes a composting process in cells with forced ventilation. 

The product is rich in nitrogen, inexpensive per unit area, easy to apply and is a good solution for nourishing the organic crop.


Manure from bird droppings. Contains a very high percentage of nitrogen (12% - 13%)


Fertilizer containing 11% iron in combination with lignosulfate. Highly effective for compensating iron deficiencies - convenient for use through the ground or through the irrigation system.

A skilled team accompanies the division products, adapts the product to the special requirements of each and every customer and assists with professional advice.

The Agriculture Division advocates reliability, quality of execution, dedicated customer service, personal attention and provision of a solution to any problem.

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